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A portrait of America in decay, Life + Times documents the city of Gary, Indiana through the eyes of native son, rapper Freddie Gibbs, and his hometown crew.

  • Anonymous

    Love this

  • Sonya Henderson Broden


  • Chris Fiume


  • Young Mogul

    this shit is real its a crime….

  • Anonymous

    Gibbs getn shine….

  • Anonymous

    Shouts to Gibbs for blessing the PHLI Store in Chi Town this past Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    That Was as Real As It Gets, People !!!! as Real as It Gets. Thats Why The Music is so Heart Felt..On Caponetv219 We Show The Lighter Side of Str8 Slammin, But This is something People need to here Young & Old, These Guys are not just Rappers They’re Historians A Very Powerful Peace

  • Ken Fitzpatrick

    that’s real life, i’m from chicago, g-town ain’t nothing but some blocks away. life is real in the midwest.

  • Anonymous

    So, what a nigga gone do about it? Just talk about that shit? Or just write rhymes about that shit? Or is it all hands on deck and we gone DO SOMETHING about it? Get at us!

  • V R

    Big city blues dont seem so hard after watchin this. Whoa.

  • Anita Moipone Makgetla

    deep. also side note i like that king tee is wearing a basotho hat. where’d he get that?

  • Gwen

    I was born in Gary. I left in 1970 but family is still there. My, I went to Gary last year and my heart sank to see the devastation. Detroit became my home and the same feeling that I see in Gary is happening there. Then, moved to Flint, the same is now happening here. The people that moved to the north for the GOOD jobs are now gone(dead or retired and moved back south), we need to wake up and see the Big Picture. Anywhere that blacks dominate the city, the funding is being cut first-cutting our future out!! YOUNG PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THEIR FUTURE IS DYING!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This shit is just as depressing as it is familiar. I was born in ’83 and raised in Detroit and watching this video just made me more aware of the long reach of urban decays arm. For Gary it was the steel mill that went belly up, for Detroit it was the auto industry. And its not just Gary and Detroit that’s in bad shape either. I’m sure you could say the same about Baltimore, Camden N.J., maybe even D.C.. Shit like this really makes you realize how unexceptional America can truly be and just how much of a developing nation we really live in.

  • Hanifah Akbar

    WOW!! Now this was some realer than real talk!!! I couldn’t imagine how the people of this city must feel. So sad!!

  • Isaac Horwedel

    Anyone else find this video just a bit ironic in light of some of the other shit this site highlights?

  • Anonymous

    Jay this is a GREAT site keep up the good work my friend……….

  • Greg Philippe

    One of the guys on there said the only work is at steel mill factory or where ever else he said. Where are the doctors, lawyer I.T. professional. Try going to college it might be worth it. Dude looks mad old talking about he is a hype man! Lmao!

  • Stacey

    This is so said and unfortunately is the plight of most urban communities. What can we do to make this better! Show this video to your local elected officials.
    Stacey (ATL)

  • Anonymous

    @Issac It is not ironic at all. This is a true reality for most african americans in the US. I don’t know too much about Gary, Indiana’s economy, but for a city to have no type of entertainment or provide some type of hope for the incoming generation, is outlandish. For a city to progress that fast just to decline even more rapidly is a shame. And it’s put on the backburner because it’s not a rich white city. Poverty is but a day away for anyone.

  • Anonymous

    It’s because the community isn’t full of rich white people. The government will put african american communities like this on the back burner until it is too late. Yet towns with dominately caucasian residents get nice high schools, new fields, amazing entertainment, and most of all, hope. You see colleges everywhere and people consistently trying to better themselves, it will rub off onto you. but cities like Gary, Indiana prove, if their isn’t anything to exploit, they will be left alone

  • Matthew

    “lt`s a pity we have such hypocrisy. Some people do what they want.
    Other people have to pay through the nose. Such is life.” -Casino

  • The Best

    this is real and it teaches well about the politics that are going on an are ignored by government
    so is vital that the world should know about the porverty occuring in Great America. IN GOD WE TRUST

  • Anonymous


  • Jay Eure

    This is heavy, much respect to all the peps in Gary and all over who are in the struggle.

  • Jay Eure

    Sorry, typo on last comment should be peeps, J this joint needs an edit comment button typos happen.

  • Isaac Horwedel

    @Purp you completely misunderstand my point. Perhaps I wasn’t being clear. I find it ironic that a website that predominantly highlights high art and fashion does a piece exploring the actual realities of the lives of many or most Americans. I live in Anderson, IN, which used to be home to 24 GM factories and now houses none. The result has been massive economic decay, higher crime, etc in a way very similar to Gary. Anderson also suffers from both outright and systematic racism, a 49% graduation rate in our public schools, and a much-higher-than-average unemployment rate. The irony, in my opinion, is that a site such as this (which is not a “bad” site by any means) would choose to do a story on someone like Gibbs (a somewhat paradoxical artist with a great deal of substance) while also pushing some very shallow “artistic” endeavors in the realm of fashion and “leisure.” Perhaps this is the intent of the site and its creators. I was not attempting to make a value judgment on the site or its creators but merely making a descriptive comment that this (very well-made) video was ironic in light of the other videos found on this website.

  • Amar Menes

    Though I’m not surprised by what’s happening, it’s still disturbing to see.

  • Mal of Fresh Out!

    Gary is a lot like Lima and other cities in the Mid West….We gotta take back our industries and businesses again

  • Mal of Fresh Out!

    Gary is like Lima and a lot of cities throughout the mid west. We gotta take back our industries…

  • Thomas V.

    Been a resident of Gary for my entire life…Im extremely excited that Gibbs got on, but it’s things like this that don’t help the situation in our community. Of course we can all talk about it, because that’s what they’ve been doing for the past 20 years…but if you have the connects try and make the change yourself. Me and my colleagues can’t do it alone. 3 twenty four year old cats just tryna instill hope back into our community. @Tax86

  • Shad – O

    The Intro To Freddie Gibbs The Labels Tryna Kill Me Is The Most Disturbing Shit Ever! These Are Our People! We Have To Do Something Other Just Shake Our Heads & Say “Damn! That’s Sad!”

  • Shad – O

    The intro to Freddie Gibbs The Labels Tryna Kill Me is the most disturbing shit ever. But these are our people we have to do something about it other than shake our heads and say “Damn! That’s Sad!”

  • Robert Moore

    Im 14 im from da G and honestly id raather be there than anywhere else….its home….You get used to te violence and nothong is new….Gibbs found a way out…I will too

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