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Producer Clams Casino isn’t much for words. Rather, the 24-year-old New Jersey native would like to let the music speak for itself. So much so that his Rainforest EP is an instrumental sampling devoid of any vocals and ripe with possibilities. Check out the five songs below, and the images that Calms “feels” when he listens to these tracks.

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  • She Real

    i feel as if i see Obama stress or R. Kelly….but the thought of Obama made me ask myself how do I play a role in that picture….Do I carry myself the way i feel I should on a regular?…Every aspect of my day makes me who I am….The pedestal we’ve placed Obama on can be raised even higher if we as a people progressed as individuals and a nation….All things are possible but even I make it harder for me by creating most of my obstacles…Time for change

  • She Real

    its funny the gorilla is a human…which means we are the beasts im assuming…..which means we are the animals consuming this world we are dooming destruction booming while babies are being made we’re putting man into grave creating slaves outta kings and queens and heroes outta materials

  • She Real

    waterfalls… baptism…. breaking free… from that prison…i’ve created elevated I’ve risen…and fallin on the same ground….I’m found

  • Samya Arif

    I’m from Pakistan and im loving all the music you put up Jay….Clams is makin some real beautiful, layered stuff

  • Jacob Glenn

    I hardly knew who you were when I saw you on Charlie Rose. I thought you talked to me through the T.V. and wanted me to be a DJ, but now I believe I hallucinated it. This is not good. I must seek help as this means I’m truly nuts. I’m lost, and can’t tell reality from fantasy anymore….God Bless You


  • Matthew Harris


    I was wondering if you were able to recognize a single moment in your career where you risked everything (but your family) for the life you have today.

    Did it happen fast, or slow?

    At what values did you hold the closest on the way up?

    Insight doesn’t come cheap brother, I’ll work for the answer…


  • Felipe Cunha Dos Santos

    The images are of Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, The RZA, 50 Cent (only one I’m not sure) and Obama… Interesting…

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