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Man About Town Issue 9: Living the High Life, the Space Issue

“We like the idea of helping saving the magazine format–a history and culture that should be preserved. Our aim is to stop creating magazines (as there are more than enough around) and instead, promote the ones which eventually will produce some cultural density because they have a unique history. We picture magazines as historical buildings or places that need to be protected from destruction. Man About Town is one of those. This magazine used to be vibrant in the 1960s in London, and we are trying to reactivate this notion more than 50 years later. As fashion culture is so stereotyped, we wanted Man About Town to perform live. The idea is to put forth a magazine based on the idea of Jazz musicians performing loosely to a well-known tune. All collaborators invited to participate in putting together the magazine are welcome to perform within this state of mind. This issue is available on our website.”

CREDIT: M/M (Paris) Man About Town Issue 9 – Living the High Life – the Space Issue 2011. Creative direction and art by m/m (paris). Full color, matt and coated papers, 23 x 30 cm, 244 pages, includes 6 postcards. Courtesy Visual Talents Ltd.

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