M/M, A Retrospective



Interview Magazine April 2009 Cover

“The most remarkable thing about this project is the speed of our intervention at Interview magazine. To be deadly factual, we designed two and a half issues in collaboration with Glenn O’Brien who hired us for the job. The idea was to give to the magazine the look and the spirit of how it was supposed to be just after Andy Warhol stopped running it. We kidnapped the magazine this timeframe and gave it the freedom it was desperately seeking for. Our first statement was to redesign the logotype by drawing it from memory after the original one drawn by Andy Warhol. The second act was to reactivate the visual language of the covers within the present time. The cover should have an oversized talking head – like a portrait of a person about to engage a conversation with the reader. This image features a portrait of Emma Watson morphing from a child to a young woman. We like the magical iconic quality of this picture, which was achieved through the use of a very simple trick–and we call it ‘hyper real altered reality.’

CREDIT: Interview Magazine April 2009 Cover Creative direction M/M (Paris), Emma Watson photographed by Mikael Jansonn. Courtesy Brant Publications 2009

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