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“You’re Too Weird” by Fruit Bats

“Brilliant band…amazing live…great album.”

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  • Marcy Hewitt


  • Isabella Oren ♡

    Love this song!!!! you have a nice taste in music :)

  • Isabella Oren ♡

    awesome song! :)

  • Jason

    Best band ever!!

  • LesJandra GB ∞

    i love you Logan so much! almost FOUR years being your fan and what remains jajaja Saludos Leslye xx<3

  • Isabella Randolph

    this is actually so perfect i’m crying how even

  • Maria

    It says Percy! How amazing! But anything Logan likes I like s whatever!

  • Lisa DJ

    Hey Logan! You got very GOOD music! Thanks to you I know more good songs now!
    Love this,
    xx Lisa

  • amOoO MC Voador s2

    he listens to the strokes <3

  • alexBeeT_T

    Нideous video

  • alexBeeT_T

    *~* mmm!

  • ʚɞ~Lily.Hong~ʚɞ

    Great music logan :)

  • Pau Gonzalez ღ

    Amazing taste of music,it’s like mine! i really love all this music so much,all this music helps me through the day ! any moment,you just listen and then you feel good ! Amazing!!!!!You Rock ♥ what about the beatles ! dou you like them ?

  • anastasia ntracha

    i love this song too as well as I generally love arcade fire!

  • anastasia ntracha

    you have such a great music taste!!!!!!

  • Pau Gonzalez ღ

    Please give us more songs !!!!!!!!!

  • vinvinmeng

    i love the list..changing my perspective in music right now

  • vinvinmeng

    your playlist made my day,,changed my perception with indie and alternative ..their amazing..!!!

  • Maria Deluca

    Logan’s a huge Beatles fan! He loves the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Band.

  • Pau Gonzalez ღ

    Dear Logan,when are you uploading more song to your playlist?please i love your music !!!!!!!!!!

  • Pau Gonzalez ღ

    please add more songs !!!!!1

  • Pau Gonzalez ღ

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee add more songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pau Gonzalez ღ

    hello dear logan can you seriously add more songs ??????????

  • Pau Gonzalez ღ


  • Pau Gonzalez ღ

    add more songs please ! i love your taste of music :)

  • Pau Gonzalez ღ

    add more songs please ! i love your taste of music :) :)

  • Pau Gonzalez ღ

    add more songs please ! ! i love your taste of music :)

  • Disha Sharma

    I really liked you .But “I wish kids would start listening to Dr. Dog instead of Justin Bieber” ? Wow I thought you were much better than that. Justin is one of the most hard-working teens you’ll ever come across. Quit dissing others if you don’t want to get dissed.

  • Carlo Evangelista

    Well, you’re awfully touchy. Let’s analyze what Logan said, shall we?

    “I wish kids would start listening to Dr. Dog instead of Justin Bieber…”

    Now, it seems to me that he wishes that kids would listen to Dr. Dog instead of Justin. Let’s see… Did he say anything like, “Justin Bieber is crap. Kids shouldn’t be listening to his music because he sucks” or anything remotely like that?

    Nope. He didn’t say anything bad about Justin. So please tell me exactly how Justin got “dissed” here.

  • Damian Weisman

    Sorry but Logan’s taste in music is obviously more refined than yours. Justin Bieber is for shallow people who don’t care about thinking. Excuse me but Logan’s type of music is actually more intelligent. Bye.

  • Paige Tamblyn

    I don’t think Justin got dissed at all. Logan didn’t say anything bad about him.

  • Jacen Lyons

    You’re butthurt because Logan doesn’t like Justin Bieber? Oh, please. Do you think Logan cares if you like him or not? You’re just one person and there are millions more who love him because of his taste in music. Your opinion doesn’t count, sweetie. Go take your Belieber fangirling somewhere else.

  • Glen Gryffin

    You’re crazy. Look at your life, look at your decisions. Justin Bieber? Get your life in order

  • Alisha Moriarty

    if you like justin bieber i have no respect for you

  • ····,·–,–·

    love him^^

  • Ameerah

    Woah he has such good taste in music! I’m 14 and I like this stuff so don’t loose faith is our generation!

  • Ameerah

    Agreed Elton is amazinggg

  • Ameerah

    He just wishes people would not follow the bandwagon. I completely agree i listen to his type of music and it just annoys me when you Beliebers think that he’s the best and that theres no one else… Also I do think everybody have different taste so some people don’t like some stuff and thats finee…

  • Ameerah

    Woahh he likes the strokes???

  • crestian

    how can i listen to the music?

  • candace yearwood

    LOVE LOGAN LERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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