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Life+Times spends the day with Melanie Fiona as she prepares to release her sophomore album The MF Life, which is in stores on March 20th. Here, the critically acclaimed, two-time Grammy Award winning singer takes us through her new Brooklyn neighborhood, discusses “Living the MF Life” and even runs into a familiar Kings County face, Spike Lee.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful strong voice,she is living her MT life :)

  • Arvin Sark


  • Pat Jones

    Mel is so very talented. May God keep his Angels all around her in a big way.
    God Bless

  • Anonymous

    i am beginning to love this girl and her music. To be honest I wasn’t sure about it initially but she really has grown so amazingly. I think why I am beginning to like her is that she seems REAL, GENUINE, and that for me is so IMPORTANT when I cast my vote for a celeb/entertainer. I am also glad she is my cousin and we share the same roots/cultural background specifically. So AWESOME:) With appreciation for giving us a better view to the world of entertainment and that one can in fact keep it REAL:) luv, Nadia Ghanny to you and your family the Hallims:) luv them all:)

  • Joseph Mosi

    Your very strong,keep keep and keep going.

  • mel

    Like, Like, Like, seriously?!?!

  • mel

    She’s from the east coast, I thought she was Canadian?

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