Life+Times Premiere: Eliot Lipp “Wonderland”



“A lot of producers, myself included, taught themselves how to make music by making hip-hop beats. Most styles of [Electronic Dance Music] are influenced directly by hip-hop, especially with heavy bass, and recently with all the trap beats. One of the most important aspects of hip-hop culture is the emphasis on being original and not being a biter. That’s one thing the [EDM] could use a little more of. People are scared to set themselves apart from the norm, but risks need to be taken in order to progress.” – Eliot Lipp

  • Anonymous

    “People are scared to set themselves apart from the norm, but risks need to be taken in order to progress.”-Eliot Lipp Reading this quote from a successful producer such as yourself and others like you, inspires readers to pursue dreams at whatever cost. I can remember a friend saying to an audience the size of an arena that everyone has a “Genius level talent” and we just have to tap into it. Eliot Lipp you’ve done just that! Bravo

  • horrorscaryhorror

    producers today are trend heavy. i produce, but don’t care about the riches, i care about the music. music producers have a lot more hats than the normal ones would back in the day.

    during the times of technological advances in hardware and eventually software, one can literally make anything.

    i find myself on some Les Paul, Tom Down-type of ideas, where i find myself chasing sounds. i don’t see that kind of dedication and that is a reason that i think a lot of producers are not on par with past production.

    everything follows the trend, so if one is not innovating, then where is the influence??

    makes sense that there is little in major releases now, because everything is trap music.

    indie hip hop is burgeoning and brighter than that of its major counterpart as a result, because artists are in a space, where creative freedom is honored and encouraged.

    that is one of the hugest reasons that indie is so wide open…and the internet.

    that’s a good track too, BTW

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