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You hear companies constantly ricocheting around the notion that their wares are weatherproof, stormproof, floodproof etc. And for awhile we were ready to embrace anything that would barely shelter us from the vicegrip of a darling like Hurricane Irene, but when you need maximum protection this season, Triple Aught Design offers you something that’s Raptureproof. The Stealth LT hoodie, designed with the rugged expeditionist in mind, is a perfect piece when you decide, in classic MC-Hammer rituality, you don’t want to get touched this Autumn. It’s a light hoodie with intense military influence and enough internal pocket space to keep everything dry.

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  • Kelcey

    I quit. (Not really but I wanted to for a second.)

  • Kelcey

    I quit. (not really, but I wanted to for a second)

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