Premiere: The Chain Gang of 1974 “Godless Girl” (Twice As Nice Remix)



“‘Godless Girl’ is a very special song to me. Not only was it the last song I finalized for Daydream Forever, but it also provided closure as I knew it was going to be the last song I’d ever write about a specific person in my life. It was just obvious that…that was the case. The lyrics portray looking back on memories and feeling sorry for the other person – putting all the shit aside and feeling compassion for your former significant other. Fearing the worst for them [and] knowing that they have no spirituality or hope in their hearts. They’re constantly running from these demons of guilt and shame.” – Kamtin Mohager (The Chain Gang of 1974)

“Godless Girl” is taken from The Chain Gang of 1974’s forthcoming album, Daydream Forever (Feb. 4, 2014). Preorder on iTunes by clicking here.

  • $parky.430

    To: Kamtin Mohager(The Chain Gang of 1974) Your music from Daydream Forever and Wayward Fire have set my 40 year old soul free to feel the pain of the everlasting youthful heart. Thank you!
    You’re friend: $parky

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