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Alexander McQueen for Puma

Though black often thought of as a fall/winter color, it shouldn’t be overlooked for the summer months. As long as you keep the design clean and deliver an outfit that’s a bit more welcoming, these kicks from Puma’s ongoing collaboration with Alexander McQueen should be a perfect compliment. $283, Browns

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  • Ronnie Barnes

    For $580, it should be REAL croc-skin…

  • Ronnie Barnes

    Sorry, but for $580 it should be REAL croc-skin…

  • Hilary Davis

    that much real croco on a shoe would be like 2,600 so the price is justified. I like that it’s all white and not 2-tone/ cleaner look w/ white pants and a cool light colored or striped button down. or khaki’s shorts and camo print t- or sweatshirt. White is so clean

  • Jessie L. Brown

    Those are siiiiiiick!!!

  • Renne


  • Kelly

    Love the shoe, but the price is crazy.

  • Kelly

    Love the shoe, but the price is crazy.

  • Kelly

    Love the shoe, but the price is crazy.

  • solace kazuki

    fine since no one else will say it…those are ugly!

  • Odrica Harrow

    super hot

  • Steven Odige


  • Anonymous


  • Felix Cruz

    They should be real croc.

  • delando wilson

    i was gonna cop some Raf Simons for my last bday i wasnt feling the pocket on the back of these i wanted them vandal ones all black but these are actually pretty tough and u wore em well Hov

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