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CTE x Roc Nation x It’s Tha World

  • Charles David

    Well done, gents!

  • Gabriel Zota

    Win for Him – Win for Roc Nation. Release an album and tour in 2014, watch the money pile up.

  • kelz

    there is no statement of any kind here…… please did hov sign him


    Curious to know the exact details.


    Curious to know the exact details.

  • Matt Basquiat’Jr

    am the new jean michel

  • El Gestapo


  • Terrence Nelson

    Jeezy is done Ross took his lane years ago…..and I’m not even a Ross fan

  • Kristi Luv

    all Jeezy sound the same…maybe he’ll get some ROC in ‘im and step his game up! CONGRATS!

  • Jbaez369

    Its a good look for Jeezy….Jay saw something in Jeezy a long time ago..looks like the time has come to take Jeezy to the next level…if anyone can its Jay! Win win for all!

  • DH

    Big News!

  • Anonymous

    haha in front of a chess board and basquiat

  • Edwin Mugabe

    R.O.C , gr8 shot

  • http://www.DoobiRocEnt.Com/ Doobi-Roc

    From the block to the boardroom.. Power moves..

  • T-nash Mulambo

    roc is getn bigger and better,,, haahahaha(jeez voice)


    CTE x Roc Nation x It’s Tha World -rude boy thro ya diams up_cup fulof ACE _HEAD SHOT RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  • Marie Son

    CTE and the ROC. Without any of the the ones that failed to stay down til they came up. We out here staying ready so we don’t have to get ready! Lets Get it!

  • Jay Two

    Sign my band already Jay Z! First rock band on the ROC? Hmmmmmmm…..

  • Tamara

    He’s from the Litter of Solomon! He’s from David! He’s been sent to save and Love me. I love you Judah

  • Tamara

    Mighty Hova is a King. Sagittarius is Jupiter4 Descending from ZEUS, THE MOST HIGH GOD. THE GOD OF Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Hov is Royalty , He From Judah and so is His Wife. Not His famous mistress

  • Kris

    This is awesome! Jeezy has a way of connecting with the quote on quote “underworld” like few can. No disrespect,HOV has a sophisticated approach with gritty undertones while Jeezy offers a direct dirty south flavor. Mixing those two together……..I can’t wait!!!!! HOV, will you be dropping a few lines on Jeezys’ tracks or nah?


    I agree and I don’t agree…Jeezy’s not done but Ross did move him to the side for awhile since BMF dropped

  • royale Gc.

    golden child (Gc) HANDS IN THE AIR NOW,And love it YEAH.. Mile high..Endless structure …Ready to Plaque some more Grammys…. CTE…… Roc nation Lets Get it..congratulations Young jezzy Im proud of the Jezzy keeping his self humble. Jezzy ,Jeezy,Jezzy you did it man…God bless Team Roc.!!

  • R Brown

    Good move Hov. Now just sign Jadakiss and #ROCNATION will be stronger then ever!

  • Lil’ Albert

    Wudup wit that Street Fam x Roc Nation

  • Tausha Sabin-Lee

    “All Black EVERYTHING” Married/Family life looks good on you Jay! Thanks for the imagery! Need I say good luck….”YOU KILLIN EM”

  • Anufrieff


  • Anonymous

    I just would really love to know if ( JAY – Z ) actually reads this and replies to this himself…..

  • Sayam Ahmed

    wow ! Great news for JAY. I’m hoping that he’ll release another studio album next year like he did from 96-03 releasing an album every year. We still waiting for Watch The Throne 2

  • Anonymous

    When I saw this, I was like wow!!!!!!!! One of, in my opinion, the best moves in hip hop in a long time. Congratulations!




    jeezy the world is yours nugga

  • Milton Early

    my manz em them

  • Milton Early

    I don’t think so and he’ll never respond to anything said or asked . nope never

  • David Briggman


  • Alanda Christian

    Now this was a “Win Win Win”…

  • Lavontaye Covington

    Young Jeezy is The True Innovator of Trap Music. He came in the game with a message and purpose that changed the game forever. He fought with CNN and fought for the oppressed people over The Can’t ban The Snowman Shirts. He wanted the government to respect and undertand how the struggles are alive in urban communities. As much as its not publicized the struggles exist, there still young men dying before they even become men, single parent homes, and so on. The shirts wasn’t about promoting drugs it was the promotion of the struggle and oppressed. Young Jeezy is in fact the man sitting next to the Master Of The Blueprint For All. If That’s not great I don’t no what is. #Greatness

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