Is Nicki Minaj’s Appeal Fading?



Is Nicki Minaj losing traction? Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson weighs the evidence (her dispute with Mariah Carey, HOT 97 Summer Jam cancelation) and delivers his verdict on this episode of The Truth.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still waiting on Azealia Banks to bring it like she did with “212″. Nicki’s okay rt now, but w/ some healthy competition this female rap thing can get back to some MC Lyte/Latifah days. Real rap, real hip-hop… I’m done w/ imitation and gimmicks.

  • peter carter

    Hi! I think that Nicki does all this thing just to have a page on people magazine, so Lil Wayne please do something because she’s very far as girls like rihanna or B..

  • DBT

    Her time was finished the middle of last year. NM’s whole act is imitation and gimmicks and as a solo artist she is 3 steps past annoying. She needs to stick to guest roles where better artists can filter out the utter ridiculousness she perpetrates on her own solo material.

  • Ayesha Lakha

    I agree with Elliot that Nicki Minaj has a large fan base and although she has gone Pop, she is a huge inspiration for young girls. However, it’s a bit disappointing that she is sailing further away from her roots, from Hip Hop. Hearing Nicki Minaj for the first time, “the mixtape nicki’ gave me, a young lady who is inspired by Hip Hop music, excitement for a new sound in the game. I feel like she sold out. I think she’s young and has a lot to learn about respect for other woman who have paved the way for her in music; Lil Kim & Mariah Carey, and respect for her fans who put money in her pocket at the end of the day.

  • Julia OKaykaykay

    nicki should really get back to concentrating on music, a celeb feature on the song doesnt make it a good song. though i think the bieber collabo will help her rise again

  • nicebrowng from crooklyn

    we need a real female rapper to represent Brooklyn hard, nicki minaj is good, but she is can never ever top lil kim or foxy brown, I wish they never fell off

  • Sanford J. Boulden

    I think that Nicki will be relevant as long as she speaks about what she is going through in her life. Her gimmicks will fade, the fashion stuff will get old, but as long as she can still put out an album where you here the truth about who she is and what she’s going through, she’ll be fine. The problem is, her physical image is seeping into her vocal material and that image does not come from a real place. There are times I think she tries too hard to appeal to too many people, but she loves what she is doing and she feels she is doing what she should. I don’t knock her hustle, but I choose to not support it. I liked ‘Mixtape Nicki’ better as well.

  • Isamar Avery Batista

    Nicki Minaj continues to burn bridges left & right. She is on a high horse & is losing sight of the bigger picture. I used to LOVE NM because I support underdogs and she is talented but Fame deft got to her.

    Her appeal IS fading & she is more controversial than artistic.

  • me

    lol this dude said lady gaga faltered…zero evidence of any sort of falter sir.

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