Hot 97′s Ebro On Managing Mr. Cee



Elliott meets up with Hot 97′s Ebro to get the truth about the recent controversy surrounding Mr. Cee and how the station plans to deal with the publics perception. Ebro and Elliot touch on homophobia within the rap and hip hop culture and bring up the debate about public vs. private and what should stay within those lines.

  • Spencer

    I love this interview. My favorite part of the interview was when Ebro broke-it down to art; music is art and if you have been listening to Mr. Cee play music and now all of a sudden “you can’t listen to someone curate music for you because of what they their private life is like” then you got bigger problems. So true; good music and artistic taste shouldn’t ever be hindered because of what you just found out.
    -Well said Ebro

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