Just landed on the O2, literally.

“It ain’t safe in the city, Watch The Throne.”

  • Jessica Goodman

    I know you are going to shut London down, Hov!

  • Jessica Goodman

    On another note, can we can a Jay Electronica album soon!!! No pressure…lol

  • Carol D. Durante

    Dang if I could be a fly on the wall!

  • Patience


  • Liviu Capitanu

    hov contact me please u won’t be disappointed

  • Eric Britton

    I would love to join and chill!

  • Cédric Nicolas Lirus

    See ya soon in paris!! han!

  • Joy Johnson

    Im a talented black female tattoo artist from Chicago but I live in Heidelberg come get some VIP tats , I m right down the street, Holla ! lol ;P 01703211151

  • Cox

    how many times are they gonna play “Niggas in Paris” in Paris? too hype

  • Douglas Butner

    On another note, just took another vaca on another boat

  • Tangled Seattle

    “We heading to the top, if you comming, come on” – Jay Z (Rihanna Talk that talk)
    Thank you, thank you, following your BLUE PRINT….Go get em!

  • NEO


    Many moons ago you had me with this line:
    “At Hotel Nikko Robert Duvall suite”…
    Wow.. Was anyone paying attention? You changed the game, you transcended “rich” and became wealthy and elite. Your exquisite taste was and is LIGHT_YEARS beyond the rest..: These are elements of greatness.

    Do consider contacting me.. I have a major motion picture idea that would star
    S.Corey Carter as a wealthy NYC mogul.. With an appreciation for rare timepieces, fast vessels, and very very very rare gems..:

  • Juliet Watkin-Rees

    saw you last night at the 02 and my high expectations were nothing on you, you were incredible and one of the best nights of my life. You and Beyonce are blessed

  • V R

    oh its London

  • Anonymous

    Tremendous speech in Philadelphia with the Mayor. Expect nothing less than appropriate delegations. Looking forward to music you have on the way.

  • Anonymous

    Jay! “You the fuckin Man” is what I really meant to say a time ago when I tried to get your autograph near elevator.You was on the phone and you said “Im on the phone my man” lol….anyway you know you the man nigga!HAVE A BLESSED SHOW……

  • Khadija

    Best night of my life…I had to get another ticket fot the night after. HOV

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the best night I ever had..ever

  • assia louardi

    Tonight was AMAZING seriously the best show ever !!!! Loved the 5 “N…. in Paris” at the end …thank you both ;) )

  • Alec James Cable

    jay’s domain…

  • Anonymous

    hey jay i love b. lol ur the best

  • Tee Ali Arabmoney


  • Dy

    Diamonds up!

  • Sayam Ahmed

    I wanted to go, but I couldn’t afford it

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