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“Timelessness is really about simplicity. There’s a beauty and a sophistication in simplicity, and the more we learn, the better we get, the bigger we get, the simpler we’re trying to get. When you look at all the pieces and items that we create, they’re fundamentally basic, but when you put it together and add your personality to it, then it becomes, like, ‘oh, wow, this is something different, I’ve never seen this before.’ It looks different but it’s all the same thing. Sometimes you walk down the street, and you always walk a certain way, but then when you come from a different direction, you’re a little twisted. How about walking the same route, but look up as opposed to looking straight, I promise you’ll see so many different things. That’s what we do. It’s really about creating basic things but putting them together in a different manner so it seems like, ‘Wow this is crazy!’ No, it’s a basic shirt.”

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  • http://www.pocketinfo.net/ Robert Latchford

    New York is a city I have still to visit but hope to get there and savour all its variety. Seems like a lot of designers have made their way to New York. Even the winner of Project Runway (which my wife likes me to watch with her) was from Trinidad.

  • http://twitter.com/ThatKidFresher Kid Fresh


  • http://adollahsigneasy.tumblr.com/ AdollahSignEasy

    got my first piece Japanese outerwear from the no store front location across the street from the current one and it was def because of the quality the ambiance and the mindset of BKc

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