Ed Banger Records: A Ten-Year Retrospective With Justice, FEADZ, Cassius & More




“The rise of EDM has influenced pop music itself and an increasing number of stars are turning towards electro beats to fuel their hits. In my opinion, while quickly gaining lots of fans, electronic dance music has become less credible in the course of this big EDM hype and has turned into a commercial hype rather than on the music itself. But I’d say on the other hand dance music’s convergence with pop music has made it more accepted as well as opened up the genre to a host of new listeners and styles. Now they’re less barriers in between rap, pop, electronic, and rock. Music is more of a global phenomenon and even if it might be harder for artists to reach an audience if their music is not big-room compatible there’re still a lot of interesting things, paths and niches to explore and share. No matter how we name it. Music is emotions and harmonies. It’s still and would always be what I’m looking for.”

“Def Leppard’s Hysteria (1987). I immediately sticked to this album and the incredible story behind the drummer Rick “Thunder God” Allen who lost his arm in a tragic street racing accident in December 1984. [He] designed a special electronic drum kit with the help of Simmons and continued to play with the band, which subsequently went on to its greatest popular success worldwide with this album. This had a major impact on me, my life, my vision of music, and pushed me to learn how to play drums.”

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