Does NY Hip-Hop Get Enough Support From HOT 97?



A war of words on both radio airwaves and the internet has broken out about the lack of support NYC hip hop artists receive from radio station Hot 97. Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson jumps into the debate and asks- do NYC hip hop artists have the support of local radio?

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  • Def Soul

    I feel that because most “mainstream” music sounds the same and label driven, new and upcoming artists from new york, jersey, and pennsylvania who make this music are becoming unidentifiable to their location and are becoming lost in the ether. I feel as though “underground” artist are vastly becoming the majority on people ipods and laptops and now the people are expecting them to be played on the radio because they don’t sound like the ordinary club song. I feel hot 97 does give an outlet to ny artist thru peter rosenberg, but outside of that one segment if it aint in the club then its not on hot 97.

  • CBizz

    HOT97 used to break records, A rapper became certified if Flex dropped a bomb on his record. now they just follow suits

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