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Within the last couple of weeks, the New York City Department of Education closed Open Road Park, a sanctuary for area skateboarders in Lower East Side, Manhattan. Yet on a summery weekend just this past May, Santigold, her fiancé Trouble Andrew, and Brian Deka Paupaw on behalf of Hoods To Woods Foundation and in tandem with Billy Rohan of Open Road, brought about the construction park’s first mini ramp. In documenting the process, Life + Times also shows you what local skaters are now missing.

  • Hilary Davis

    I luv this kid’s turquoise windbreaker #sharp

  • Zac Villanueva

    I love what you guys are doing on the east coast. We have had alot of success out here in So Cal but we still have to get through the red tape within the system. Check out this article about our new struggle in our town. We would love the support. Thanks

  • juan lora

    love these as a skater new york need more parks and ramps asap. Hood To Woods thanks for that ramp

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