DECODED: The Buchanans “What More Can I Say” From JAY Z’s “The Black Album”



In this episode of DECODED, JAY Z’s Life+Times sits with producers The Buchanans and learn how they secured their first beat placement, which became “What More Can I Say” off of JAY Z’s critically acclaimed The Black Album.

Previously, 9th Wonder decodes the making of “Threat.”

  • LO Lutero


    Writers  Just Want To Have Pun

    You can call me a tree hugger, because I leave prophecies on thin shaved pines.
    These baptized lines save anorexic Sycamores.
    See you’re given rights of passage.
    After reviewing passages scripted from the first class passenger settled in coach.
    The encroachment of my mentions catches your attention.
    Chastising your psyche and likely I’ll govern your intellect.
    Which was once full of neglect.
    Now presently respect for this adequate dialect.
    Did you not expect this to be an intimate exchange
    Well remain impressed by the best black BIC blotting in the business.
    Plotting precision strokes with the love pen is his vision.
    In addition, presenting ingenious quotes that evoke secretions.
    In stimulated regions of the occipital lobe.
    Albeit, you’d see fit to stay dry.
    Yet, the diction eye-witnessed activates drenched squints.
    Food for thought expands with the taste of unbottled spirits.
    There are no debating those elations.
    As earlier stated I’m greater than relations between hips.  
    An equator that caters to the audience.
    Building relationships with quips and well equipped lips.
    Now that I’ve impregnated your emotions and new ideas are born to abort or support.
    The choice is yours: Get serious or just let the writer have pun?

    Writers  Just Want To Have Pun

    Copyright 2008 Royle Creativity Publishin

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