DECODED: Common “The Believer” & “Respiration”



Common decodes “The Believer” (above) from his upcoming album The Dreamer/The Believer and revisits his classic verse from Black Star‘s “Respiration” (below). The Dreamer/The Believer is in stores now.

  • Nicholas Foley


  • Brian Morris

    Instantly fell in love with this album…Common is is a legend

  • Anonymous

    dope!!!!! love him need this album like right right now…………

  • Hetha Innis

    Love him, love his mind, love his style, love his music.

  • Anonymous

    Common is one of those guys who says positive words about life and struggle of all minorities walks of life!!!

  • Justin Chaitoo

    THAT IS SO TRUTH YOUR MIND YOUR IS ONE IF DONOT TO FIND A WAY IS WAY SUN AND SHINE NOT LEAVE US IF YOU I USE YUOR MIND WIT TO SUNSHINE SUN TOUCH SON OR FATHER AND SON LATER TEACHE US IF THERE A SON AND HOPE FATHER WOULD SHOW WHERE IS ARE PLANT see common is show ever stop ever stop from name just stuff was on mind thank you jayz to by justin thank you time 3.24 thank you hovi just stuff on mind i like lifeand time thank you to

  • Anonymous

    Great work and thought

  • Andrew John

    This is Epic

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