Chris Brown, Tyga, and Kid Cudi



Chris Brown releases visual for “Fine China,” Tyga attempts a collaboration with 2Pac, and Kid Cudi leaves G.O.O.D. Music.

  • Whozdat84

    **I love that new Chris Brown song. No matter what he goes through personally which i could careless about this guy continues to pump out heat.

    **I dont believe in using a deceased rappers vocals. It’s injustice to that artist, and for a guy like TYga out of all people to not only use Pac’s vocals but even have the nerve to use his song title to probably the hardest diss records ever. He a clown and yea what the hell is Jada doing on that ridiculous attempt, he too dope of an M.C. for that shig.

    ** Lastly, i hate to hear that Cudi left G.O.O.D music. Yea you can see it coming but he was 1 of the artist on the roster that really showed the diversity of what G.O.O.D music is all about. I wish him the best but it just sucks that this happened.

  • Eve

    At least a ninja gotta hit. lol . U should check out Tygas new ish. Hot. Wishing Cudi the best.

  • Hiranyam Karnik

    Just Like Elliot Did…..SMH TYGA…..WHYYYY????

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