Check The Credits: The Messengers Speak on Producing For Justin Bieber, Pitbull & More



“All Around The World” – Justin Bieber

Adam: That’s one that took shape like we generally like to do from an actual vocal-lyric-hook idea. Give it to Nasri again. We had an acoustic guitar which was arbitrary, because we knew that we were probably doing something that was a real tempo, upbeat record for his project, because at that point Justin recorded a bunch of mostly slower tunes. So the hook came out of us jamming with the acoustic guitar. I went with a young producer-writer that’s in our camp Sir Nolan, and the two of us started banging out a track that would be the right sort of backdrop. We were thinking like it would be a Dance record, but we wanted to make sure it had the right amount of swag. With the track we wanted it to feel like it wasn’t just Dance music material. We were just playing around with that so that it was a bit more Urban than a lot of European-Dance records. We knew the Urban thing would fit more with Justin.

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