Check The Credits: The Messengers Speak on Producing For Justin Bieber, Pitbull & More



“Feel This Moment” – Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera

Nasri Atweh: I was in the studio with a fellow Canadian songwriter named Chantal Kreviazuk. We were hanging out and just kind of writing the hook. Adam came in and was like we should use the sample from “Take On Me.” It just kind of came together from there. The idea actually came from a conversation we had with one of Pitbull’s main guys DJ Budda, who was saying nobody’s been able to pull off the remake of “Take On Me.” It just happened that it worked with one of our hooks, so we put it together and sent it to Pitbull’s manager, Charles and he went crazy. He and Pitbull thought it was a big hit. Pitbull wanted to put Christina on it. Then it started playing on the radio, they shot the video and it became a big hit really quickly.

Adam Messinger: We already had a record with Pit featuring Chris Brown, so Pit and DJ Budda – who was kind of overseeing and bringing the right records into the project – their ears were already wide open. It kind of just flowed right in and ended up beating what we thought – they were talking about the Chris Brown record being the first single – but “Feel This Moment” ended up kind of surpassing that record.

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