Check The Credits: Rock City Speak on Writing for Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, & More



“23” – Mike Will Made It featuring Wiz Khalifa, Miley Cyrus & Juicy J

Timothy: I felt that culturally it was time to make a song paying homage to Jordan sneakers. Mike Will asked how would it go and I wasn’t quite sure at the time, but I knew I liked the beat he sent. “Js on my feet, Js on my feet,” was stuck in my head. I knew I wanted a girl to do the record. I just wasn’t sure who I could picture doing it. I just knew it would be crazy if a girl was singing it. We actually wrote three verses for it thinking what if we could get three dope females on it. That would’ve been so unexpected. Then Mike Will played it for Juicy and Wiz. As soon as Juicy heard it and said he loved it I knew we had to get him to say “Js on my feet.” It had to be his voice.

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