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“If This Isn’t Love” – Jennifer Hudson

Timothy: That song took us probably four minutes to write. It’s a crazy story too. We were in LA working with Brian Kennedy on records for Brandy‘s album. We were about to be late for a flight and we were just about to leave when Brian pulled up the beat. The beat was so crazy that I told my manager that I had this idea that I wanted to write down real quick. I didn’t have much time, so I ran into the booth and literally freestyled the whole record. Every word you hear on the radio is freestyled. The flow was like that, because I was trying to think of the next line and what to say next. Once we cut the demo we left to catch our flight. Brian called us when we landed and said the label wasn’t feeling it for her. Brian later had a meeting with Clive Davis and Larry Jackson, who at the time was over Jennifer Hudson’s project. They loved it for her, she cut it and the rest was history.

Theron: No song that you hear that we’ve done since “The Rain” has been written down. We run in the booth and we sing what comes to mind. We usually take minutes to write all of our songs. Anytime thirty minutes or an hour has gone by and we’re still working on that one record we’ll pass it and start working on the next record. One thing that we definitely believe is that music is about feeling and if you can’t feel it you should move on to the next record.

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