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“Replay” – Iyaz

Theron: That song was originally for B.o.B. The A&R that was working his project thought the record would be big, so he played it for the powers that be over at Atlantic Records, which is the label B.o.B. is signed to. The powers that be didn’t like it, so it never got to B.o.B. We had our deal with Interscope at the time, so we figured we should keep the record for ourselves. We played it for the label and they were like “Nah, this ain’t it.” We knew the record would be big, but they shut it down.

Timothy: After that we weren’t sure who could do the record. We were really trying to figure out who could do the record, because we knew it was a hit. We played it for Sean Kingston, but he passed on it as well. We ended up playing it for Iyaz, who is also a good friend of ours and he loved it.

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