Check the Credits: Rico Love Tells the Stories On Writing Songs for Usher, Diddy & More



“Motivation” – Kelly Rowland featuring Lil Wayne

“Motivation” happened at a time when me and Kelly had it out a little bit in Sylvia Rhone’s office, because Kelly was tweeting about how she wanted to do an urban record and I was like “We’ve been working on this dance record all this time, because you told me you wanted to do a dance album.” I was kind of upset. Then she was going to work with other people. I felt like I was putting in all that work and how could she just go and work with other people, especially when I was like the hottest in urban at time. I was done and didn’t want to work with her anymore, but Sylvia was like “You have to do this for me. Just one more session.” That was a Friday. We were in Miami that next Tuesday. I wrote the song in like 20 minutes right in front of Kelly. As soon as I walked out the booth from writing it she walked in and cut it and finished it. Lil Wayne got out of jail like the week after. She went to him as soon as he got out and asked him to do the verse and he did the verse. It was that quick.

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