Check the Credits: Rico Love Tells the Stories On Writing Songs for Usher, Diddy & More



“Hello Good Morning” – Diddy Dirty Money featuring T.I.

I had spent like ten hours in the studio writing songs. This was my first time working with Puff – someone I grew up looking up to – and he didn’t like any of the songs I did that day. He was giving me these tracks and now it’s about two in the morning and he’s like “It doesn’t always happen. We might catch one next time around.” I was like “Nah, I’m not leaving until I write you a smash.” I told him I was going to go through my own tracks and I pulled up this one that [producer] Danja sent me. That’s actually a track he initially sent to me to write something for Usher. I ended up writing “Hello Good Morning.” It’s like three in the morning now and Puff came in and heard it. He played it like ten times. We were in New York and he said “I’m going to Miami. You want a ride?” I thought that was the coolest shit in the world. Do I want a ride? Like in the G5? That was just so crazy to me, but the next morning he called me like ten times from the plane screaming the song into my voicemail. That next day I flew to Miami and spent Thanksgiving at Puff’s house. He played “Hello Good Morning” throughout the whole house so everybody could hear it.

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