Check the Credits: Rico Love Tells the Stories On Writing Songs for Usher, Diddy & More



“Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” – Usher featuring Plies

Me and Mark Pitts were in Miami. We were going through some tracks and came across that track, which The Runners made. I wrote the song and a few months later played it for Usher in Vegas. I think Mark Pitts actually forgot about it, but when I played it for Usher he went crazy. He cut it like three or four months later, so it was about seven months after I wrote it that he cut it. That was a real special song to me, because I felt like it was an opportunity to give Usher that – I wanted to give him something that was as good as “U Remind Me.” I’m not saying that it was that good, but I just wanted to give him something that was still R&B, something that was still soulful, something that was just that classic Usher type of record. I think we accomplished that with that record.

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