Check The Credits: Mannie Fresh Speaks On Producing For Cash Money, Juvenile, T.I., & More



“Go D.J.” – Lil Wayne featuring Mannie Fresh

“‘Go D.J.’ was actually an old song. It was a song that I had did about ten years prior. Cash Money had this group U.N.L.V. I had done a song for them where they said ‘Go DJ. That’s my DJ.’ It was something that people in New Orleans would always say. It was Wayne’s idea to remake U.N.L.V.’s song. I wasn’t sure if people were going to get it. I knew we in New Orleans got it, but I wasn’t sure if the rest of the country would get it. When we first cut the record it was really similar to the U.N.L.V.’s original version and it was a little too dated, so I ended up changing the beat. Around the time we made the record Lil Jon was killing it. I felt like “Go D.J.” had to have some banging 808s to compete with what was coming out of Atlanta at the time. Jon had established his sound to the point that everything that came out around that time had to sound like that. You had to have hard 808 kicks and booming ass drums, which I already had. I just needed to figure out how to make it all current.”

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