Check The Credits: Mannie Fresh Speaks On Producing For Cash Money, Juvenile, T.I., & More



“Bling Bling” – B.G.

“‘Bling Bling’ wasn’t originally B.G.’s song. It was a Big Tymers song. We were towards the end of recording for B.G.’s album and realized that the album was too street. We needed a way to get him to the masses. We wanted to get numbers out of the record, but at the same time keep him street. We felt he was missing one song. That’s how he got ‘Bling Bling.’ That was such a big record. The phrase was used so much to the point that it’s corny [laughs]. We said ‘Bling Bling’ in other songs, but it never really caught on. I always thought it would be a catchy hook. I knew it would be big if it was used right. I came to the studio with the concept, hook and beat. I always knew what I wanted the hooks and stuff to be for the songs. I would usually have the songs written and everybody would just fill in their verses.”

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  • ErnestoWorldWide

    Mannie has always been one of the illest in the game. Truth be told, I don’t believe he has ever gotten all the shine he deserves. He basically carried Cash Money on his back. Think back of all the hit songs CM had in the past and Fresh was behind them. I am thrilled to see him getting his shine and respect. I hope he keeps releasing dope music.

  • Anonymous

    One of the greatest of all time! Ridiculously underrated.

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