Check The Credits: Mannie Fresh Speaks On Producing For Cash Money, Juvenile, T.I., & More



“Back That Azz Up” – Juvenile

“That song is a perfect example of Juvie’s raw talent. Before we made “Back That Azz Up” he would perform those verses in clubs. It was already an underground hit around New Orleans. It just never had a beat to it. I remember telling him ‘This could be a big, big song.’ We just needed to figure out how to merge bounce music with something else that would make ‘Back That Azz Up’ cross over. The first thing I thought of was classical music. I thought if we put classical music over 808 beats and better organize what he already it would be a big song. It’s one of those songs that you can still play right now and people will act like it just came out yesterday. That’s definitely a song that’ll stand the test of time.”

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  • ErnestoWorldWide

    Mannie has always been one of the illest in the game. Truth be told, I don’t believe he has ever gotten all the shine he deserves. He basically carried Cash Money on his back. Think back of all the hit songs CM had in the past and Fresh was behind them. I am thrilled to see him getting his shine and respect. I hope he keeps releasing dope music.

  • Anonymous

    One of the greatest of all time! Ridiculously underrated.

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