Check The Credits: Mannie Fresh Speaks On Producing For Cash Money, Juvenile, T.I., & More



“Used 2″ – 2 Chainz

“Me and Chainz have been knowing each other for forever. He kind of grew up with us. In the early Cash Money days Chainz was always around. He hit me one day like ‘Fresh, I’m working on my album. I need some heat from you.’ And to keep real, if you’re not putting any new music out most people aren’t hitting your phone, but Chainz would always stay in touch with me. He’d always answer the phone for me or whatever. I commend him for wanting to reach back and show love. We knew exactly what we wanted to do with ‘Used 2′ record. That New Orleans bounce is what the world has been waiting for. He remembered that when he was signed to Luda the label told him he couldn’t afford my beats. I told him to give me $3 for the beats. I think the label thought I was going to sue them or something, because they couldn’t believe that I gave Chainz all this music for so cheap. I must say Chainz is one of the most solid dudes out there. He’s like a brother.”

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  • ErnestoWorldWide

    Mannie has always been one of the illest in the game. Truth be told, I don’t believe he has ever gotten all the shine he deserves. He basically carried Cash Money on his back. Think back of all the hit songs CM had in the past and Fresh was behind them. I am thrilled to see him getting his shine and respect. I hope he keeps releasing dope music.

  • Anonymous

    One of the greatest of all time! Ridiculously underrated.

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