Check The Credits: Mannie Fresh Speaks On Producing For Cash Money, Juvenile, T.I., & More



“And Then What” – Jeezy featuring Mannie Fresh

“Jeezy was hella hot in the streets. He had just dropped a mixtape that had the streets going crazy. The record company was just having a tough time figuring out how introduce him to the masses. They understood how hot he was on the streets, but they also knew the streets weren’t the ones going out and buying albums. The label figured I’d be able to give him something that would still be hood, but accepted by the masses. When I came up with the “boom boom clap” part one of his homies was like “That’s not hood. That’s not street.” Jeezy asked if we could take that part out. I told him that was going to be the biggest part of the song. I told him “I understand that you’re in touch with the streets, but let me work my magic.” I promised him that record would set him up right. That record was so easy to make. It all came together within minutes – the beat, the hook, the adlibs and all. I told him it wouldn’t mess up his street credibility or any of that. That was also one of the first records I had out after I left Cash Money, so I felt like I had to prove to the world that I still had star power. That song is definitely important to me.”

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  • ErnestoWorldWide

    Mannie has always been one of the illest in the game. Truth be told, I don’t believe he has ever gotten all the shine he deserves. He basically carried Cash Money on his back. Think back of all the hit songs CM had in the past and Fresh was behind them. I am thrilled to see him getting his shine and respect. I hope he keeps releasing dope music.

  • Anonymous

    One of the greatest of all time! Ridiculously underrated.

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