Check The Credits: Juicy J On Producing For Three6 Mafia, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj and More



“Sipping on Some Syrup” – Three 6 Mafia feat. UGK

“We sip syrup man [laughs]. We just made that song. It’s crazy, cus we made this other song called “Lookin’ for the Chewin’” and we thought that record was a single. We didn’t think “Sipping on Some Syrup” was a single. We had a dinner one night and Steve Rifkind asked what song we thought should be the single. This Program Director from Memphis’ Hot 107.1 said “Sipping on Some Syrup.” I thought it was too slow. The other song was more crunk, but he was like “Sipping on Some Syrup” is the “one.” He was like “trust me.” And it just took off man. I was shocked they were playing it on the radio. I guess people didn’t know what it was about. Before that we never really had a record that got that much airplay. It crossed us over. That album went platinum. More white people started showing up to our shows. That record was huge for us.”

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