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“International Player’s Anthem” – UGK feat. OutKast

“It was a old record on Project Pat album. I guess when Pimp C got out of jail he was listening to that record. Pimp C hit me like – these are Pimp C’s actual words – “Give me that same record. Don’t change nothing on it. I’m gon’ put that on my album. Me and Bun gon’ make that a single and the song gon’ be jammin’.” That’s what he kept saying “It’s gon’ be jammin’.” Then boom – a classic. The video was legendary. What’s weird about it is growing up you’re making good music and you’re not thinking about making history. That song is historic. Pimp C had the long mink coat – Rest In Peace Pimp C. Bun B was there. David Banner was there. Andre 3000 was there and you don’t see him as much, especially in videos. Big Boi was there with all his Louis luggage. It was just a movie man with me being there just drinking and drunk not knowing it would be a classic moment. 20 years down the road, people will still remember that record.”

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