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“In My Bed” (Remix) – Dru Hill

“I took it upon myself to say the guys needed to come to Atlanta and re-cut the record. When I told that to the president of the company I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I just felt like it was a ballad and I was trying to make the song uptempo. I didn’t know what sample I was going to use or nothing like that. Right when they was getting to the studio I was going through so many records and I found that “Gimme What You Got” record. People rapped over it, but nobody ever sang over it. At that particular point, if you could find a record that was rapped over a lot, but nobody sang over it then you pretty much had a good chance of people loving it. I found that loop. As soon as Sisqo and the guys walked in they started trying to figure it out. Also, this was a time when Dru Hill wasn’t as popular as they wanted to be. Even though they had a number-one record they still wasn’t cracked open. They came to the studio wanting me to rap on the record. I was still thinking about me as a rapper and I wasn’t trying to do no sappy rap about girls [laughs]. I just wasn’t on that flow at the time. The first thing I thought about was me flossing and stunting on the song. And it’s probably the only remix today where the rap part of the remix don’t got nothing to do with the song. It came out dope though. Ain’t nobody even pay attention to that. That’s an unorthodox way to make a record. All it took was one night for us to knock it out.”

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