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“Grillz“ – Nelly feat. Jermaine Dupri, Paul Wall, Bigg Gipp & Ali

“That was a very, very interesting record. One night Nelly called me and was like “You keep making all these number-one records for everybody. You ain’t never make me one. I’m coming to get one!” That’s the conversation we had, so he came to Atlanta and we start making this track and we start thinking. He’s a big LL fan – he even got the muscles and shit [laughs] – we take this LL part from “Candy.” People don’t really be reaching back. This generation don’t really know about that LL stuff like that no more to reach out and take it from him, but Nelly was taking that “Candy” flow and doing it to the beat. He was thinking about how – like in the beginning of ratchetness if you want to call it this – the girls was loving guys that had grills in their mouth. When we thought about it we knew we had to get Paul Wall on it. It was another one of those records where the artist wanted the record done right then and there. If the energy is right, they want the record cut right there. So we called Paul Wall and told him we needed to get him on the next flight to Atlanta. While we’re waiting on Paul to get to Atlanta we went to Club 112 and we get fucked up. I’m talking about twisted out of our mind. We went back to the studio and Paul was already there at the studio. He had laid his verse already and told the engineer to play it for us. We hear it and are like “Oh my god. This is it.” Paul starts pouring lean. He’s sipping syrup. This is the first time I ever had syrup in my life. I was like “I’m gonna drink it, because you [Paul] know how to make it. This the shit you on, so I’m gonna drink it for the first time.” I was out of my mind on that shit. I don’t even know how I got out the session I was so twisted, so when I hear that song that’s the memory that comes. That was my first time ever trying lean [laughs]. We went from the club, back to the studio, from the studio, to the club, back to the studio and got Paul Wall to fly in all in one day.”

  • kid is real*

    J.D a legend… check out “Freemoe stay” on youtube check it out

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