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“Let Me Hold You” – Bow Wow feat. Omarion

“I got Bow Wow to a point in his career where I felt like it was time for him to transcend into more hip-hop and to get people to understand that he was a product of hip-hop. A lot of the records we were making in the beginning where a lot of kiddie-oriented types of records. Records like “Bow Wow (That’s My Name)” and “Bounce With Me.” It was more original material, but I wanted him to go into the world of samples, but I also wanted it to be unique. I had NO I.D. in the studio with me and we were talking about records and I was like “Lets play some samples.” He played the Luther Vandross record and as soon as I heard that one part “let me hold you” – I figured if I took the that part and we loop that we could do something else and try to figure it out, so me and NO I.D. – this is a song that me and NO I.D. actually did together – was playing around with it. I wanted Bow Wow to have a record that had a sample that went all the way through the whole time and have him create the raps to go around it. I was kind of experimenting with him to see if it worked. As soon as I got the loop going and the raps I felt it had to have a singing part to make that record that much bigger. Him and Omarion had just come off tour and I said we should put O on the song. We wrote “Let Me Hold You” in New York at Battery Studio. That’s one of the only hit records that I made outside of my studio.”

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