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“Confessions Part II” – Usher

“It’s crazy, because the version which y’all ended up hearing was [Confessions] “Part II” and “Part I” was the real version of the song. “Part II” wasn’t even going to come, but one night we were listening to “Part I” and Usher said we had to make a second part. I asked what the second part was and he was like “You get a girl pregnant.” I was like “Oh shit, I know this story!” [laughs] That was my story, so when he said it I just needed a beat. I start making this track and once I start listening to the track I knew it was going to be crazy. The words for “Confessions” came to me like nothing. It was like sitting in a room and I just had to pull them down and put them on paper. That song happened probably in like an hour as far as putting it together. When doing a concept like that where you know all the words, and you know all the pieces to the puzzle and you know exactly where they go, you just want to get the song done so fast so you can hear it. We were in there racing trying to finish it, so we could hear it and see what it sounds like. We didn’t even expect it to be big. We just thought we was doing something that men would like.”

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  • kid is real*

    J.D a legend… check out “Freemoe stay” on youtube check it out

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