Check The Credits: Jake One On Producing For Rick Ross, J. Cole, Drake, Wale, & More



“Poor Decisions” – Wale featuring Lupe Fiasco & Rick Ross

I’ve been wanting to do stuff with Ross since the Trilla album. I just wasn’t able to connect with him, but after doing “3 Kings” I finally had the link. I connected with Spiff, who finds Ross a lot of his beats. I sent Spiff a batch of beats and he hit me back like “Ross has some classics to your records.” He told me that Ross had recorded to maybe four or five of my tracks and “Poor Decisions” was one of them. The funny thing about that one is that I didn’t actually do that beat. Swish really put that beat together. I gave him the sample and he made it into something dope. I made a beat with that same sample in like 2003 and it was trash [laughs]. I did something else for Lupe that never came out, but he sounded really good on “Poor Decisions.”

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  • skank dollar

    on repeat still… s/o to klienfield … u know for Haiti..

  • Donovan DRocco

    I love it “donate a million to some children” thats how i see it too

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