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“Furthest Thing” – Drake

We had recorded some earlier things. One of them had leaked out and he did something to the “Mo Money” beat. There were a couple of beats he did stuff to. When I sent him the batch of beats I wasn’t sure if he had finished recording the album or not. He texted me one night like, “This is the one.” From there we dealt with the stress of trying to clear the sample. The owners of the song sampled were tripping. I ended up having a producer I work with replay the sample. That one was done pretty close to the end of the album. It was real last minute. If the album was due on a Thursday we turned “Furthest Thing” in that Sunday. I didn’t get to hear it until the album was out. I was kind of worried about how the new version was going to sound, because I had sent them the replayed version we did and then 40 – Drake’s producer and engineer – was going to add a choir and some other stuff. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but it ended up turning out really dope. I feel like we captured the vibe of what the sampled version felt like.

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  • skank dollar

    on repeat still… s/o to klienfield … u know for Haiti..

  • Donovan DRocco

    I love it “donate a million to some children” thats how i see it too

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