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“Acid Rain” – Chance The Rapper

I’ve worked on a bunch of big projects, but I never got in with somebody before they blew up. They’re usually on the second or third album when I work with them. A friend of mine who’s an A&R put me on to Chance. I liked what I heard. I just thought he was dope. I followed him on Twitter and he direct messaged me about sending some beats. I sent him some stuff and he literally turned that song around in two days and put it out. It happened extremely fast. When I heard it I thought it was dope, but I was kind of surprised with the reaction. People seemed to really love it, especially the younger generation. I played it for one of the producers signed with me and he said it was the best song I’ve ever done [laughs]. The response to that record really surprised me.

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  • skank dollar

    on repeat still… s/o to klienfield … u know for Haiti..

  • Donovan DRocco

    I love it “donate a million to some children” thats how i see it too

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