Check the Credits: Elijah Blake Tells The Stories on Writing Hits For Usher, Rihanna, Trey Songz & More



“Enough Of No Love,” “Wonderland,” “I Choose You,” “Stubborn,” “Missing Me,” “Here We Go” by Keyshia Cole

“Working on Keyshia Cole’s Woman to Woman album was definitely a blessing, seeing as though she’s such a voice for young women. Keyshia and I have a brother/sister type of relationship, so she’s quick to tell me when she loves or hates something and I’m quick to tell her when she’s wrong. I was recording my album while working on hers, so she would hear my songs and be like ‘Are you keeping that?’ One of her favorites happened to be “Wonderland,” so once the direction of my album changed sonically and I told her it wasn’t on my record anymore, she said ‘Boy you crazy…I’ll take that up out your hands.’ Evidently, she knows a great record when she hears it, cause that turned out to be a fan favorite on the album and one of my favorite features that I’ve been a part of. She’s truly a great person and artist and I’m excited to see what else we come up with.

  • Charlotte Allen


  • Charlotte Allen

    WoW! What a gift Elijah Blake has…all these hits! “Climax” is beautiful. “Jupiter Love” I now have a new playlist :) Can’t wait to hear the album Mr. Blake :)

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