Check the Credits: Elijah Blake Tells The Stories on Writing Hits For Usher, Rihanna, Trey Songz & More



“Presidential” by Rick Ross

“One of the most ‘Boss’ sessions ever would have to be this one. I was in New York working with Alicia Keys, and I got a call from DJ Khaled. While my phone is ringing, I’m sitting across from Alicia at the piano and we’re throwing around melodies for this idea she had, but I kept seeing Khaled’s number pop up so I stepped out to call him back. Anyone who knows DJ Khaled knows that everything is a movie with him, and he’s always animated and ‘live’ which is one of the dopest things about him. It’s why I think he wins aside from his great musical taste for the street ear. He picked up and said, ‘Elijah, I had no idea you were an artist, like a true artist. I’m in the studio with Ross right now. I just left a Def Jam meeting where No I.D. played your stuff, and it’s special. We got this track we need you to do your thing on.’ At that time, I’m thinking this is a great look, but I’m here on Alicia’s time so I told him “I’m definitely down and excited to go in but, not sure how it would work”. Before we got off the phone he asked what studio we were working out of. The next day, I’m thinking I’m showing up to the studio for day two with Mrs. Keys, but come to find Khaled and Ross at the studio ready to work. Chopped it up a little bit and ended up doing “Presidential” with Rozay and “Lay Up,” which became a Meek Mill track featuring JAY Z, Wale and Trey. Definitely a moment.

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  • Charlotte Allen


  • Charlotte Allen

    WoW! What a gift Elijah Blake has…all these hits! “Climax” is beautiful. “Jupiter Love” I now have a new playlist :) Can’t wait to hear the album Mr. Blake :)

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