Check the Credits: Blac Elvis Tells the Stories Behind Writing Hits for Beyonce, T.I., Rick Ross & More



“Slide Show” - T.I. feat John Legend

“I had actually thought Big Boi was going to do it, but Big Boi passed on it. Well actually I sent the beat to B.O.B. first – B.O.B. actually wrote the hook. I don’t know if people even know that – but when I got the hook back I was trying to get it to Big Boi. He heard it and liked it, but just didn’t think it was for him. Then B.O.B.’s manager played it for Tip and he loved the record. They loved the record and put John Legend on it. They played that record every time someone got voted off America’s Best Dance Crew and it was also the theme music for T.I.’s Road to Redemption. It was a lot of TV time on that record. That record was really big, even though they didn’t really go hard on it as far as radio.”

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  • Ann E. Reddick

    This is a great thing to happen to you. I wish you much success. Now I have a daughter (Amanda Reddick aka Coco Redi) would like to be in the music business. She writes raps all the time and a friend laid tracks (music) to her lyrics. Her music can be improved upon. She could use your help. Some of her music can be found on Youtube under Coco Redi. Thank you in advance. (only a mother would do this with social media).

  • Ann E. Reddick

    Please somebody tell me why a young intelligent man like this would call himself “Black Elvis”. You know I am an older person but this is such a slap-in-the-face to Black people. Lift us up my brother Elvis was not a good role model for black youth. He didn’t like black people. Your name is not an insult to him. Its an insult to us. I am still happy for your success thou! Please know who’s looking at you kid.

  • MP

    it’s b/c his name IS Elvis…i assume to differentiate he goes by Blac Elvis

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