Can Mase Come Back For Good?



After 16 years, Mase, one of the biggest rappers of the ’90s is finally a free agent. But can the rapper turned pastor (turned rapper again) reignite his career and reconnect to the younger generation? Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson debates the reasons for and against and passes his verdict on this episode of The Truth.

See more episodes of “The Truth” on JAY Z’s Life+Times YouTube channel here.

  • Magnus Ojukwu

    Mase is talented. If he gets with the right team, it’s very likely that he could smash the game and be successful again. His track record does show inconsistency, so it’s likely he wont follow through. Bottom line…he is capable of winning again and that will be determined by HIS will

  • Chris Cutting

    It all depends on who decides to associate with him. Sounds like dude man needs to convince the site’s owner first.

  • MrLex

    Hip-Hop has moved on. So should Mase too.

  • 100

    Hip hop is bout integrating past, present, and future. I think Mase has the chips stacked up against him but i dont think his comeback is impossible. Right now we got a select few of vets that have survived the test of time (Jay, Nas, Roots, even Diddy in his own right) and pass or fail the game wouldn’t be the game without arists like Mase for the up and comers (Kenrick Lamar, Asher Roth, Carlton Zeus, Mac Miller). Can Mase come back for good?

    I’m w @facebook-759366448:disqus that’ll be deteremined by his will

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