Ca$h Out Talks Cashing In On Regional Success and Life After Labels




“I’ve been working on something while I’ve been making all these rap and trap anthems. I got this project coming for the ladies. I’ve done took it to another level. I feel like after all of the things that I’ve done in my career up until this point that now is the perfect time to show the world that I’m more than just a rap talent and that I’m an artist. You feel me? I’m going to paint a picture with this music. I have a project called Less Stress More Sex. It’s going to be straight R&B bangers. “WYD” is just to start it off and give a feeling of where I’m going. I’ve always been a fan of old school R&B music. I was actually in the booth and a female hit me like, “What you doing?” while a beat was playing. I hit her back like, “What you doing?!” [laughs] It’s crazy how real life situations can become a part of a song, but that’s what inspired that hook right there. You got a lot of people in the world who send that “WYD” text quite often. People are surprised that that’s me singing on there, but it’s really me. The next few records you hear from me are going to be ten times crazier than that on the R&B scale.”

What’s next for Ca$h Out?

“Me and Party are like three or four records in, so who knows what we got up our sleeves. We have a little magic going. We got some crazy R&B records where I’m singing on also. You’ll be hearing what we’re working on when the timing is right. You know how Party do. He may just drop something out of nowhere like four in the morning or something. A project may come together out of the blue, but the music is definitely there.”

  • Carrlos Lyles


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