Ca$h Out Talks Cashing In On Regional Success and Life After Labels



“Don’t Worry” – PartyNextDoor feat. Ca$h Out

“That record was perfect timing. He had hit me around the time that I had just dropped the Kitchens and Choppas mixtape. The streets were going crazy. I think he was just hearing what I had going on. He hit me like, “I got a record for you.” I didn’t except someone like Party to hit me, because I know he’s been on his crazy R&B wave. I was like, “Let’s get it.” I told him to send it ASAP, because I was actually in the studio when he had hit me up. He sent it through and the beat was just crazy. It knew it was a smash. I was like, “I might need this record.” [laughs] I felt like it was kind of like a test too, because the track was really strong and I felt like I really had to sit back and really rap on it. It wasn’t like a laid back “Let’s Get It” track or a “She Twerkin.” I felt like I had to really put some bars on that beat. When I sent him the record back he hit me back with the flame emojis and that wave emoji. He said I killed it. When he dropped it people weren’t really expecting me to take it to that level, but when it comes down to it, I’m going to take it to any level with any artist. However the track goes, I’m going to go with it.”

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