Ca$h Out Talks Cashing In On Regional Success and Life After Labels



“Go Get That Doe” – Ca$h Out feat. Snoop Dogg

“Ahh man. That was perfect. As I was doing the mixtape I put a video up with the song’s hook and Snoop had reposted it on his Instagram. He hit me in my DMs like, “I need that track right there.” Who better to have on a pimping track than Snoop D O Double G. He’s the closest thing to Don Juan. I sent him the track. He ASAP-ed it back to me. That was the fastest verse I’d probably ever gotten. He dropped some real deal pimp bars on that track and I understood that. I felt like when you do certain tracks you have to have the perfect person on there and who better than somebody like Snoop Dogg.”

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  • Carrlos Lyles


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